We hold regular bi-monthly Sarcoma Support Group meetings at the Robert Jones Agnus Hunt Orthopeadic Hospital just outside Oswestry as well as a number of off-site venues around the region.

The meetings are an informal open forum for carers and suffers of Sarcoma Cancer, supporting those carers and suffers in the diagnostic, treatment and recovery stages of soft tissue and bone tumour sarcoma.




We aim to inform and humour our members and visitors, provide ideas advice, hints and tips which should make life that bit more bareable in uncertain times.

If you can’t make a meeting , you can still sit in as we report and record what went on at each gathering.

You can contribute small and large to the discussioin and debate, it’s early days for the group and we respond to whats required from a concenus from the floor.


If you need a buddy to talk to who has first hand experience of your condition, just ask and we will find you one of our members who’s already been there, we still have some good lookers raring to go off the shelf.

The same goes for carers, don’t suffer in silence you don’t have to, we can find you someone to talk to, and offer help and advice.

Questions: Just Ask no matter how large or small, we will endevour to get you an answer.

Remember you are not alone on this unwelcome journey.





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