What We Do

As a group, we have chosen to take control of our individual situations by coming together to help ourselves.

We share one common experience, we entertain a Sarcoma, either as a patient or carer.

Sometimes its hard to decide which is worse, to be a carer or patient, we are here to support both.


Our common experience is the one thing we can share, what do they say “a trouble shared is a trouble halved”, and the expression “there must be a better way” then there often is, and the answers come from our shared experience.

So this is what we do, we roll up our collective sleeves and get involved, if we can give you a kind word, an emotional leg up, an idea, practical advice, even hope, then with a bit of added humour we will have achieved what we set out to do and put something back.

Come and join in.

” The only thing stopping you from doing something – is you “




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