The Socketless Socket

Transfemoral and Knee Disarticulation Re-Defined.

We’ve re-invented sockets from the ground up. No more static socket shape. No more hard ischial seat.  No more loss of suction.  The Socket-less Socket truly conforms to the user, providing a custom-fit socket every time you put it on.


The future of prosthetics.

If you’re the kind of person who wants full control of how your socket fits, this technology is for you. Fitting a prosthetic socket is now micro-adjustable in real-time to create a socket as individual as the toughest patient.


As conforming as a hammock.

Our patent pending swing technology perfectly conforms to the user just like a hammock, providing a soft floating cushioned seat on every step.


Micro-adjustable comfort, every morning.

Conventional prosthetics are static in shape, and require frequent fitting adjustments to match the ever-changing human body. Our technology fits differently. We enable you to micro-adjust for a comfortable fit every time you put your prosthesis on. Our new z-straps give an ultra low profile look.


Huge advancements for Small users.

Introducing Pediatric size Socket-less Sockets. Same great technology now available from toddler to adults.


Ridiculously Light.

Our NASA-based lightweight design and materials are only a fraction of what conventional sockets weight – with a typical weight reduction of nearly 2 pounds. You’ll be amazed at how light a socket can feel.


The Flower just got more beautiful.

Introducing a revolutionary new way of fitting a flexible inner socket. Our flower distal cup technology with our special NASA-based mesh fabric creates a form-fitting inner socket that’s flexible enough to fold up in the palm of your hand.