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Hell I want One

To drive Genny you will need a functioning musculature of the torso as it is necessary to lean forward for onward acceleration and to lean back for slowing down or reversing. You will also require minimal strength in your arms as the steering is controlled by pushing the handlebar left or right.

Both hands will be needed to transfer from a wheelchair. You should have a normal sense of balance and a body weight of between 45kg and 95kg

The Ferrari of Wheelchairs OMG

Genny was born from the insight of Paolo Badano, a businessman who became wheelchair reliant following a road accident over 20 years ago. During this time he has been pro-actively searching for an alternative solution to personal mobility that didn’t encompass the typical boring and restrictive 4 wheel designs seen so often today.

When all efforts to find an alternative failed, Paolo set out to create a new revolutionary 2 wheel device with distinct styling that was not only unique and appealing but that also overshadowed the disability of the driver rather than drawing attention to it. This was eventually achieved with the creation of Genny following an official partnership with Segway combined with Paolo’s relentless determination, forward thinking design and engineering skills.

As a result, Genny is now becoming available in many counties around the world and Magic Mobility Ltd is pleased to promote the product as sales agents to the importers within the UK.

Genny Mobility