Get Involved

Attend a Meeting

We hold meetings every two months with the aim of getting together and sharing common experience.  All you have to do is turn up, no appointment necessary, you even get a cuppa and a cake.

What to expect

To help stop the awkward “But I don’t know anybody moments”, we normally kick off the meetings with a welcome to new members and visitors followed by an information talk, on what is considered a relevant topic of discussion.

The MacMillan Support team recently gave an entitlement talk that sparked much discussion and debate surrounding PIP Payments, our Physiotherapy team gave a talk about managing expectation in recovery and how sport can improve the quality of your recovery. There are a lot more talks coming and some possibly with prizes.

Breaking Out

We break out into small groups after the main presentation and start talking, its that simple.

To give you some idea of numbers typically 70 -80 people have attended recent gatherings.


You can help yourself and other by sharing your stories, your experiences the good and the bad, so others can learn.

You don’t have to be a wordsmith, just get whats on your mind down on paper, make a voice recording or video file and we will get you published.

If you need help with something , if you are stuck with a problem then chances are we have another member who has had the same problem but sorted it.

Maybe you want to talk to someone with the same condition as you, maybe you want to be a buddy who can offer some help and advice, here we endeavour to make that happen.

Stories of long term recovery make the best stories, so lets hear them.


Engage with Others

We look to provide an information resource, if you know about other organisations that helped you, let us know so we can establish a knowledge database, what matters to our members gets published. Help us with content and help us with your time, its far more valuable than money.

If You Can’t Make it

Recognising not all those who would like to attend can attend for whatever reason, have no fear, your website is here. We record and report the goings on and add content revelvant to the topics of the day.

All contributions written and financial welcome.