What happened at our last meeting

Feb 4th – 2109

Our Feb 4th meeting was a little bit of a watershed for the group, time to separate from the professional helping hands of the hospital staff, and with what we have all learnt over the past four years strike a more independent note, in both the way we operate and the future objectives we hope to aspire too.

It’s been an interesting journey of discovery sustaining a self-help group with ideas and purpose, which as a founder member I feel has helped far more than those who could physically attend a group meeting in person.

Keep Moving

2019 has one major wellbeing event which will take place in October. We will take this opportunity to gather new members and showcase what recovery and longer-term survival of our various conditions has to offer.

Social Media

To keep people connected we have set up a private closed Facebook Group to keep our members up to date with the goings on in the Worlds of Sarcoma and Bone Cancer. If you haven’t already joined get texting and help make the endeavour a success.

Future Venues

It’s our intension to only hold two meetings each year at RJAH Hospital (a) to maintain a natural connection but (b) to develop a far less hospitalised environment to avoid what you might call “Ground Hog Day ” Syndrome, so both patients and carers can forget past trials and tribulations of the treatment history already endured and concentrate on future long term recovery.